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Joshua Norton is an immigrant with a secret past in Gold Rush San Francisco. Buy AMERICA'S LAST EMPEROR today!



The first release by Barbary Coast Books.

Our Inaugural Book

America's Last Emperor is our first book release. It's the first book of three in the series. You can read these books as they are written at the website of the author, Darren P. Mckeeman.

In addition to the second and third book of the America's Last Emperor series, bookmark this site for the finest in literature with a San Francisco connection.

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Available in Kindle or paperback, online or at your local bookstore. Signed copies are available at the author's website.

A Tale of Old San Francisco

To understand the first thirty years of San Francisco History, you have to understand Emperor Norton.

Joshua Abraham Norton is an immigrant with a secret. He comes to San Francisco during the 1849 Gold Rush to set himself up in business but finds himself swept up in dramatic events unfolding all around him with little to no way of controlling what happens to him or the people that he considers friends. San Francisco History unfolds before his eyes, even as his own story prepares to overshadow the entire story of San Francisco for the next twenty years.

This is San Francisco history through the eyes of its most famous citizen. Based on actual events, this fictionalized biography is probably the closest you can get to actually being there. Only one building mentioned in this book still stands.

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Darren Mckeeman

Darren Mckeeman originally hails from Atlanta, Georgia but his home is San Francisco since 1996. His teenage brushes with the law for computer hacking gave him time to win a contest for writing in jail, and he’s written a lot of things since then - newspaper articles, novels, tabletop game manuals, business plans, and many, many tweets. He spends his time restoring and sailing an old sailboat. He also has a day job building websites, but who doesn’t? He lives with his family in North Beach, near the long gone North Beach Zoo.

Click here for the website of Darren P. Mckeeman, Author

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